First Class offers the most comprehensive and professional car window tinting services in the Denver area. We know that buying a car is one of the biggest decisions a person makes, so we make sure that every time we are hired to tint your windows, we complete the work with the utmost precision. Give First Class a call now to get a no-obligation quote to see how we can help your car feel more comfortable!

Benefits of Car Window Tinting
The biggest benefit of getting a car window tinting lies in the fact that it helps in keeping everything inside the vehicle protected from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. We use automotive films that can effectively screen out 99 percent of UV rays. This helps in reducing the prevalence of skin cancer among car owners significantly. The most obvious benefit of window tinting is that it helps in keeping the interior of cars cool during the summer months depending on the type of film being applied. In addition, car window tinting also adds privacy to make it more difficult for other people to see inside your vehicle. The Denver and Lakewood area is known for its scorching summers and cold winters: don’t let the elements tarnish the look and value of your car. See how tinting your car’s windows can change your driving experience.

Why You Should Go for Car Window Tinting?

  • The high-quality window films we use are designed specifically to reduce hotspots and glare while also stopping the harmful UV rays from entering the car’s interior
  • By keeping the vehicle’s interior cooler, car window tinting allows vehicle owners to have a truly satisfying driving experience.
  • It’s a great way of increasing the durability of vehicle upholstery. It ensures that materials like alcantara, vinyl, leather, polyester, cloth, suede, wool, nylon, and trims like wood, carbon fiber, and plastic remain protected from the harmful effects of heat emitted by the sun
  • The dark car window tinting films we use provide our clients with increased privacy and enhanced protection against burglaries
  • Tinted windows often make vehicles look much more attractive than they originally are
  • Window tint also reduces the amount of time air conditioning components are used, helping save money on gas and maintenance over time

What Are the Different Films for Automotive Window Tinting?

The car window tinting solutions First Class offers are always designed based on the needs, preferences, and budgets of our respected clients in the Denver, Lakewood, and surrounding areas. Read on to know about the different types of window films we can provide and install on your vehicle.

FX Premium

This film type enjoys maximum popularity among our customers and is very durable. It possesses the ability of rejecting as much as 45 percent of solar energy entering a car via its windows. Being a high-quality non-metalized automotive film, FX Premium does not interfere with satellite radio, GPS, or mobile devices. This film is capable of blocking 99 percent of ultraviolet rays and reduces the sun’s glare by 93 percent. The SPF rating of this car window tinting film is 690. Limited Lifetime Warranty.