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Buying a car can be a pricey investment and any added expense can feel like an unneeded luxury. But there are some aftermarket upgrades that are a must not only for your benefit, but to prolong the life of your car. Sun, especially in the Denver and Lakewood area, can cause incredible damage to your car. Fading, discoloration, and cracking, are just a few results of our car’s interior being overly exposed to the sun. We can’t change the weather, nor for many, we can’t change our parking situation. We can, however, choose to take the necessary steps to protect our cars.

So, what does car window tinting do? Here are several benefits that you will experience when you install tinting.

Stay Cool

Summer can be one of the most fun times of the year: Camping, pool parties, and a break from winter’s chill are just some of the reasons why we Coloradans love summer. However climbing into a smoldering hot car is not one of those things we look forward to. Installing car window tinting can dramatically lower the temperature of your car’s interior. Car owners who have leather seats and dark interiors are especially encouraged to invest in tinting.

Energy Savings

When your car is cooler, you are not only more comfortable, but it also helps you save money by decreasing the amount of money you spend on energy. When your car is cooler, then you have to run the air conditioning of your car less, which allows you to get better gas mileage, and thus spend less money on gas. Who wouldn’t want to spend less money on gas?



Protect Your Health

Car window tinting also protects you and your passengers from harmful UV rays. If you spend lengthy amounts of time in your car, you may unknowingly be exposed to great amounts of the sun’s UV rays that can cause immediate irritation, such as a sunburn and later, skin cancer. Sun exposure doesn’t just happen in the summer: you are exposed to the sun year-round when you drive without tinting. Protect yourself and your family by installing window tinting in your car.  

Protect Your Interior

As mentioned earlier, the sun can damage the interior of your car grealy. Cracking, discoloration, and fading are just a few of the side effects of UV ray exposure. The sun can damage your upholstery, carpeting, wood trim, and other parts of your interior. To replace or fix those things damaged by the sun can be pricey and greatly decrease the value of your car.
Stay tuned for our next blog post with more reasons for investing in car window tinting.

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