If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you will have read about reasons or benefits for car wrapping. In part one, we covered two of the seven reasons: cost and resale value. The cost of car wrapping is significantly less than a paint job for the purpose of repair or customization of your car; it is also less than repairing the damage done by harmful substances reaching the frame and other extremities. The next point we discussed in our last blog post was the way in which car wrapping positively affects the resale value of your car in Denver. Because your paint has been sealed under the protection of a car wrap, there are no scratches to negatively affect the value of your car. Also, if you want to customize your car to a bright, non-traditional color, you can without worrying if it will be difficult to sell you car later. To learn more, read part one or keep reading below to learn about the benefits of car wrapping we have yet to discuss in this blog series.

Countless Options

As we’ve already mentioned above, car wraps can give you the opportunity to customize your car without affecting the resale value of your car. And, with car wraps, you get countess options as to how you want to customize your car. The possibilities are nearly endless. Want a matte finish? There is a wrap for that style. Want to turn your car into an ode to your favorite superhero? You can do that too. There is no limit for the colors, patterns, finishes, and images you can put on your car. Stay tuned for a blog in which we we talk in detail about the number of options out there and how you can truly make your car a work of art and all your own.

Installation Time

Another reason to get car wrapping is due to the installation time. If you choose to put your money and time into repainting your car, prepare yourself for being without your car for a few weeks. However, if you choose to wrap your car, you will most likely be without it for 3-5 days which is still inconvenient, but much better than several weeks. Knowing that you will be paying less, being without your car for a smaller amount of time, investing in effective paint protection, and have the opportunity to truly customize your car, why wouldn’t you choose car wrapping?


As we have alluded to continually throughout our last several blogs, car wrapping is an effective means of auto paint protection. The sun, road grime and chemicals, as well as dust and rocks, all take their toll on the paint of our cars. If installed by a professional shop such as First Class Tint & Vinyl Wrap in Lakewood, you can rest assured your car’s paint will not receive the brunt of the damaging effects that we experience all year long in Colorado thus protecting your car and your investment. If you install a car wrap, you can say goodbye to scratches, abrasions, and other defects that are results of being on the road.

To learn more about the benefits of car wrapping your Denver vehicle, stay tuned for part three of this blog series. If you have any questions about car wrapping, the benefits, the cost, and options that you have in Denver, contact First Class Tint & Vinyl Wrap. We are your Top Rated Local® paint protection auto shop in the Lakewood and Denver area and would love to help you get your car protected, especially right before the brunt of winter truly sets in. Visit our website to learn more and view our gallery of work!

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