Car Wrapping: 5 Common Questions – Part 1

Car wrapping is one of the best-kept secrets for car maintenance. If you are reading this and are unfamiliar with vinyl wrapping other than the cars you see decked out in an advertisement, you probably think that car wrapping is only for businesses in the Lakewood and Denver area and isn’t something that the everyday car owner needs to concern themselves with. Even though vinyl car wrapping can be an effective means for advertising—which we will talk about more later—it is also simply a means for protecting your the value of your car. Today, we are going to talk about and answer some common questions about car wrapping.

Why should I get car wrapping—is it expensive?

Car wrapping is a great way to preserve the life of your car and give you not only the opportunity for a custom look, but also advertise your business. Vinyl wraps can protect your paint, which can receive much abuse not only due to small scratches from other’s car doors, but also simply from the exposure to de-icer during the winter months and the sun that we enjoy in Colorado nearly all year. The paint on your car isn’t just for looks; it’s also to protect the outside of your car. Vinyl wrap acts as just one more layer of protection for your car.

How long does car wrap last?

Vinyl wrapping is an effective means for auto paint protection that will last longer than a few years. Though, of course the longevity of car wrapping depends on the type of car wrap that you have installed and how well you take care of it, vinyl wrap can last for years. The average life of the car wraps we install at First Class Tint & Vinyl in Lakewood, on average, last five to ten years—and that’s just the average! Though, like any upgrade, car wrapping is an initial investment, but it is one that pays off years down the road. Your car’s original paint job, on it’s own, may not last that long.

Conclusion of Part 1

Stay tuned for part 2 of this short blog series that will help answer some common questions that you may have about carwraping and learn more about the benefits it can offer you to not only preserve the life of your car, but also make it a one of a kind.

Interested in Car Wrapping?

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