Welcome back to our blog! Today, we are continuing to answer common questions about car wrapping and how this application can not only protect your car but add your own personal style to any vehicle. Continue reading to learn more or read part one!

Does the wrap damage the paint—can it be removed?

This is, of course, a great question. For something that is so effective at protecting your paint, there has to be a downside, right? Nope! When you get vinyl wrapping, you are investing in complete paint protection, meaning that the vinyl itself does not damage the paint on your car, even if you want to remove the wrap later. Vinyl wrapping can be removed by you if you have the right tools, however we do not recommend it. When you are done with your wrap, you can take it to a local installer and get it removed.

How do I wash and care for my vinyl wrapped car?

Though it is always best to check with your installer as to what care your vinyl wrap needs, caring for your car wrap is generally easy. Hand washing your wrap with the proper soap is the best method. However, many wraps can withstand trips through brushless car washes and even some pressure washing, though if you pressure wash you car, you must be extremely careful. Another tip for properly caring for your vinyl wrapping is to clean bird droppings and other substances, particularly those that can stain, off immediately. Bird droppings and other substances that your car comes into contact with on a daily basis can stain and permanently damage your wrap.

Is car wrapping effective advertising?

You do not need to wrap your car for only the sake of advertising, as we’ve discussed above. However, if you own a business, car wraps are effective means for advertising—and in many cases more effective than traditional outdoor advertising such as billboards. Colorful car wraps with dynamic graphics can be incredibly eye-catching whether you are driving around town, stuck in traffic on the highway, or parked at your local grocery store. If you are trying to give your business more exposure, consider a car wrap.

Conclusion of Part 2

Vinyl wrapping for your car is one of the best kept secrets for protecting your car. It is an initial investment that will not only pay for itself, but is less expensive than getting a new paint job for your car. Stay tuned for more blogs about vinyl wraps and the benefits they offer to those in the Lakewood and Denver area.

Interesting in Car Wrapping?

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