As improvements have been made to vinyl wrapping within the last several years, so too have improvements been made to the way people use them. Vinyl wraps are the pinnacle of creativity and customization when it comes to car customization. Some people prefer a simple design or color, like something that mimicked a paint job. On the other side of the spectrum, there are people trying to push the limits of what’s possible with vinyl wraps. These people will often make elaborate artistic designs to be applied to their car, and are always looking for new ways to add to their car’s appearance.

Since vinyl wraps are so durable, long-lasting, and reliable nowadays, it’s no wonder that people are continuously trying to push the boundaries of what’s possible. And contrary to popular belief, vinyl wrap doesn’t just work well on the exterior of your car, it can be applied just about anywhere. In this blog, we’re going to talk about all the different areas of your car that can have vinyl applied so that your creativity isn’t stunted once it comes time to choose your wrap.

Full Body Wrap

Chances are, when you think of a car wrap, this is what comes to mind. The full body wrap will change the color or material look of the car or both. This can often take two to three days to carry out because it is essentially transforming the entire look of your car. Want a pink carbon look for your car? No problem. Getting a full wrap for your car will allow you to customize it in ways that would be impossible through a standard paint job and is the one way to truly make a car “yours.”


Didn’t know you could vinyl wrap your brakes? Although far less common than a full body wrap, brake wraps are possible due to recent developments in the car customization world. Both your brake discs and your brake pads can have a glowing vinyl wrap applied to them or if you prefer, a reflective vinyl wrap material. These look best when you already have a vinyl wrap applied to the rest of your car, however, they can be customized to your liking. This is one hundred percent safe for your car and for driving with, and there won’t be any added hassle when your car needs maintenance.

Interior Trim

For a true car enthusiast, the interior of your car is just as beloved as the exterior. That’s why you should consider vinyl wrapping the interior of your car. The problem many of us face is that we fall in love with the exterior of a car only to be disappointed once we find out that the interior is lackluster. Or if we bought it used, it may be covered in stains and/or scruffs and scratches. Why not cover it up with a nice vinyl finish of your choosing? Not only will you be able to cover up unwanted flaws, but you’ll be able to match the interior with the exterior. If you ever sell the car, it can be easily removed and will look as good as new.

There’s no better time to take advantage of vinyl wraps now that the industry is well developed. With some time and patience, a car expert will be able to wrap just about any part of your vehicle with any style or custom design that you could want. Contact your Top Rated Local® Vinyl Wrap company at First Class Tint & Vinyl Wrap. There’s no better option for expert vinyl and window tinting services in the Denver and Lakewood area.