Although this winter has been pretty mild in Colorado, we typically see a lot of snow and below zero temperatures during the winter. For us, it’s as simple as putting on an extra layer of clothing or wearing a warmer coat. However, for our cars, it’s not always that easy. Harsh weather can lead to damage to your vehicle’s finish that could be prevented or, at the very least, reduced with a vinyl wrap. Although wrapping will protect your car’s finish, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind in order to keep your car’s wrap in top shape during the winter.


Clean your car

It’s tempting to think of car cleaning as a summer job, but if you want to keep your car wrap in the best condition possible, you’re going to need to clean it regularly. When the weather gets colder and snow starts to fall, we don’t always take into account the extra beating our car is taking. Whether it’s driving through a puddle of dirty water or mud, there are dirt particles constantly bombarding your vehicle. If you clean your car regularly, you’ll avoid dirt buildup that can damage your wrap and your car’s finish.


Don’t let snow turn to ice

When you let water freeze on your car, not only are you damaging your car’s finish, but you’ll need to scrape it off which could lead to damage to your wrapping. You can’t always avoid having your car ice over, but you should take every opportunity you get to put your car in the garage or under some form of cover. Additionally, you should dry your car immediately if it gets wet.


Take your car to an expert

If you’re having problems with your car wrap or car’s finish getting damaged in the winter, you need to take it to the experts at First Class Tint & Vinyl Wrap. We are your Top Rated Local® company for vehicle wraps in Denver and the surrounding area. We specialize in vinyl wraps and offer vehicle wraps in a variety of colors and textures to get just the look you want. However, you won’t just be getting a great looking wrap, you’ll be getting a layer of protection between your car’s paint and the elements. Contact us today and we’d be glad to get you a free quote for your vehicle!