Vinyl is one of the newest and most popular ways to customize your vehicle. You could instead opt for a paint job, however, that can be expensive and will lead to a permanent application to your vehicle and its appearance. Vinyl wrapping is changing the way we are able to customize our vehicles by making it affordable, easy to apply, easy to remove, and allowing you to make your vehicle look exactly how you want it, not to mention all the protection it provides for the exterior of your car. In this blog, we’re going to talk a little bit about how easy it is to remove vinyl wrapping if you want to apply a different one or get rid of it altogether.

Removing Vinyl Wrap

If you’re using a high-quality wrap made by 3M, and you hired a professional to apply it, you should have no problems removing it. Vinyl wraps from 3M are specifically designed to not leave any residue once they’re removed and won’t remove any paint either. However, there are many different types of wraps offered by 3M and each one has varying degrees of adhesive strength to them, so you should make sure that your auto body shop is applying only vinyl wrap that won’t damage your car.



If you’re ready to remove a vinyl wrap, you’ll just need a heat gun and a bit of time. Begin by using the heat gun to heat up the edge of the vinyl wrapping. Once you’re able to start peeling it off, make sure you pull at a 45-degree angle and don’t yank or attempt to scrape it off. If your wrap has been on for a while, the adhesion is likely pretty strong, so you’ll just have to be patient and ensure you don’t damage your vehicle.

Removal With Primer

Another thing that may make your vinyl remover process more difficult is if there was a primer applied in order to prevent the vinyl from separating from the car due to water making it under the film. If your auto body specialist applies the vinyl properly, they won’t necessarily need a primer which often significantly increases the amount of time it will take to remove it. If there is primer applied, you’ll need to be more patient in order to remove any residue that’s left behind.

Contact First Class Tint and Vinyl Wrap

Removing a vinyl wrap is usually a simple process, it just takes some time. However, if your wrap was poorly applied or you apply a product that isn’t made by a trusted brand, it may be difficult to remove or leave residue on your car. At First Class Tint and Vinyl Wrap, we only apply the most high-quality wraps to your vehicle. We not only wrap cars for a great appearance, but we’ll do commercial vehicle wraps as well. This is a powerful tool for advertising your business just by driving around town or leaving it parked in a parking lot. Contact us today if you’re ready to get started with your next wrap in Lakewood or Denver.