Have you ever left the shades open in your home, only to come home and find out that your furniture, rugs, or other belongings in your home have faded due to the sunlight? Although fading isn’t as noticeable on some objects, it can affect just about anything, including your expensive furniture. In this blog, we’re going to talk a little bit about how sun fading happens as well as how you can prevent it.

How it happens

We all love a little sunlight coming in the windows. Unless you’re looking at a screen or there’s a glare, most people prefer using natural lighting as much as possible before resorting to using lights. However, are you aware of what these UVA, UVB, and infrared radiation are doing to your home’s valuable belongings? UVA and UVB rays make up about 45 percent of the damage you see on your home’s furnishings whereas infrared radiation is responsible for the rest. If you have a deck, you may have noticed fading there as well. This is due to the same reason and the damage can be mitigated by applying a coating that has UV protection, just like what sunscreen does for our skin.

How to prevent it

When it comes to belongings inside your house, however, protecting your home is a little more complicated. Although you can buy, and continuously apply a UV protection spray to some of your furniture or hardwood floor, this can get costly and won’t protect everything in your home. A better way to prevent UV damage to your furniture is by applying a tint window tint to your windows. This will limit the amount of UV rays coming in your windows, significantly reducing fading and discoloration of furniture, preventing it from becoming brittle or worn, and preventing damage to priceless or irreplaceable items that you spend so much time taking care of and cleaning. But that’s not the only benefit of having window tinting installed. Read below to learn more about the benefits.




It reduces energy costs by reducing the amount of light that is coming in your windows. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the sunlight without it significantly increasing the temperature in the room and requiring you to blast the air conditioning at full power.


It will reduce glare because less sunlight is hitting your electronic devices. Have you ever sat down to watch TV, only to find out that the sun is hitting it in a way that makes it hard to watch? Although window tints won’t completely eliminate the glare, they will reduce the amount of light that’s hitting your device. You could also get a sunburn if there’s too much light hitting you while you’re indoors. A tint will act as sunscreen and be safer for everyone living in your home.


It will improve the life of your windows. Just like with your furniture, UV rays can damage your window if enough sunlight passes through it on a regular basis. Although windows are built to last, they still need to stand up against the elements in order to make your home safe and comfortable. A tint will reduce the amount of heat they have to endure, thus improving their life and performance.


It will improve your security and privacy. Depending on the type of tint that you choose to apply to your home’s windows, you may enjoy great privacy and security due to a lack of visibility from the outside of the house. This has proven to reduce break-ins and also allows you to live freely in your home without worrying about people watching from the outside.


It’s more affordable. Applying a tint to your windows is a one-time thing. There’s no need to keep reapplying because the tint will never fade or go bad. However, if you use a spray for your furniture, you will need to keep purchasing the substance in order to apply it regularly. Additionally, you’ll only need to apply the tint to windows that are heavily affected by the sunlight.

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