I’m sure you’ve heard of tinting your car windows, but have you ever heard of commercial window tinting? Commercial window tinting is similar to car window tinting but it’s done on commercial buildings. And believe it or not, there are a lot of benefits to this instead of having normal transparent windows. In this blog, we’re going to go over some of those benefits and help you determine if commercial window tinting will work best for your business.

Heat reduction

One of the greatest benefits to commercial window tinting is heat reduction. When you have tinted windows, less light will be reaching the inside of the building, and with less light comes less heat! Window tinting can reduce heat from the sun by up to 85% meaning your employees will spend less time sweltering in the high temperature and more time getting work done!

Less glare

One of the most frustrating things about working in an office building is if there’s a terrible glare that prevents you from getting work done. Blinds or shades can work well, but it’s a pain to have to continuously open and close them as the sun changes positions. On top of that, blinds will wear out, so that’s one more cost for you to worry about. With commercial window tinting, you won’t have the glare that you would get with normal transparent windows that makes it nearly impossible to work on a computer or display a projector on the wall for a presentation.


Generally, having tinted windows on your commercial building will make you and your employees more comfortable. You won’t have to worry as much about running over to the thermostat once the sunlight starts pouring in and you’ll be spending less money on air conditioning.

Prevents interior damage

After long exposure to sunlight, things within your office may become faded or damaged. With blinds or shades, there is often times still light that can leak through. This will eventually damage computers, carpets, walls, and anything else in your office that’s valuable.


It can be a major distraction knowing that people can see inside your windows while you work, especially if you’re in a high traffic area. Commercial window tinting will give you and your employees some peace of mind and allow you to focus more on your work rather than what’s going on outside.

Looks great!

On top of all these benefits that will make your office more productive and comfortable, tinted windows just look good! They’re sleek, look great on most buildings, and don’t create any unnecessary distractions.


Ready for commercial window tinting?

If you’re ready to commit to window tinting for your office or work building, contact First Class Tint & Vinyl for more information and to get a free quote. We have professional tinting services in Lakewood, Denver, and surrounding areas. If you want to take advantage of these many benefits, or learn more about our vehicle services like vinyl wrapping, headlight and taillight tinting and much more, visit our site!